Including a waterfall in your garden is an excellent way to add an atmosphere of luxury. The sound of water moving over rocks is inherently soothing, and larger cascades toss mist into the air, creating a cooling effect outdoors and acting as a humidifier indoors. Waterfalls, natural or manmade, come in many different styles and types. Some of the waterfalls you’ll see have layered slabs of stone, while others have boulders that are round or square. Some empty into shallow pools, with others tumble into deeper wells.

Some of the types of waterfalls you’ll see in this collection include ledge waterfalls, where the water pours vertically over a vertical cliff, maintaining only partial contact with the bedrock; sheet waterfalls, where the water comes from a very wide stream; plunge waterfalls, which always come from a narrow stream and completely lose contact with the rocks; and slide waterfalls, which maintain continuous contact with the bedrock.